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Yosemite Falls


On April 11, The Bee ran pro and con commentaries on the Merced River Plan, which is the blueprint for Yosemite Valley. We also provided links to learn about and comment on the plan.

Thus far, the National Park Service has received 25,000 comments on the controversial plan, which calls for a limit of 19,900 visitor on busy days and would remove the popular winter ice rink at Curry Village.

The comment period, which was supposed to end Thursday, has been extended to April 30. The Bee’s Mark Grossi has more.

You can learn more about the Merced River Plan here. You can comment on the plan to the National Park Service here.

The state of California goes after people who owe taxes, but what happens when the state is the deadbeat? CalWatchdog has the story.

Our Letter of the Day is from Rep. Tom McClintock, whose sprawling district includes a swath of the Sierra in the central San Joaquin Valley. He is critical of our March 16 editorial urging Congress to maintain phone service for the poor.


Lunch Links

A race official assists Bill Iffrig, 78, of Lake Stevens, Wash., as Iffrig lies on the ground after the first explosion.

Charles Pierce of the Grantland website provides a Bostonian’s view of the Boston Marathon bombings. Fantastic narrative journalism.

I’ve been posting to Twitter many of the big financial contributions to the state Senate campaigns of Democrat Leticia Perez and Republican Andy Vidak. If you want to follow the money, go to Twitter and follow @electiontrack

Associated Press is reporting that the two bombs that ripped through the crowds at the Boston Marathon were made out of pressure cookers and packed with shards of metal, nails and ball bearings.

Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday that his administration will prepare to release as many as 10,000 state prisoners if the state is unable to get out from under a court order demanding it reduce California’s prison population.  capitolalert

Our Letter of the Day is from Ron Wells of Coarsegold. He would like to see drug tests for welfare recipients.


 Read more here:




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Colin Powell remembers former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as “tough as nails” in this CBS News video.

Tiny  Samoa Air has announced it will charge passengers by their weight for tickets. Is this the wave of the future? Time has the story.

GOP strategist/consultant Mike Murphy says in the Detroit Free Press that Michigan can be used as a testing ground for a reformulated Republican Party.

Labor and environmentalists have put CEQA reform efforts on life support, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Our Letter of the Day is from Reggie Lewis, chairman of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, in response to this Bee editorial.


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NRA leader Wayne LaPierre has used Americans’ opposition to gun registry to effectively blunt calls for stricter gun controls.

What is stopping stricter gun control laws in the wake of so many mass shootings despite apparent support by a supermajority of Americans?

Slate’s Dave Weigel says its fear of a national gun registry — a fear that the National Rife Association uses to its advantage in intimidating elected officials into not supporting more aggressive gun control. Here’s the story.

Congratulations to Jerry Tarkanian, a Fresno State graduate, former Bulldogs basketball coach and the man who coached UNLV to a national championship. CBS Sports is reporting that Tark has been elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Here’s a little more on the story.

At least two California state lawmakers secretly traveled with Sacramento’s “best connected” lobbyist to Cuba during the legislature’s spring break, an exclusive investigation reveals. One of them was  State Sen. Cathleen Galgiani, D-Livingston; the other was Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo.

Roger Ebert’s 10 best reviews and 10 best zingers courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Our Letter of the Day is “In defense of Bush” from Jim Harmon of Friant.

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April’s Community Conversation

What would it take to make you a regular visitor to downtown Fresno? We’ll share your thoughts in Community Conversation on Monday, April 15.

We’re asking Bee readers their thoughts on what would bring them to downtown Fresno regularly.

Letters must include name, address (snail or email) and daytime phone number for verification.

There is a 150-word limit. The deadline for submission is Thursday, April 11. The mailing addresses: or The Fresno Bee, P.O. Box 12504, Fresno, CA 93778-2504.

This Community Conversation takes place Monday, April 15 in The Bee.


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