Fresno school board race begins to get interesting

I live in the Hoover High School area so I’m just getting campaign mail from Area 6 school board candidates. But judging by the context of my mailbox, incumbent Janet Ryan could have trouble winning re-election against George Whitman, who is backed by the Fresno Teachers Association. I have received several union-paid mailers mailers from Whitman, and a “robocall” from the FTA office on his behalf. Whitman has also walked my neighborhood.

Ryan is barely on the radar judging by my campaign mail. As an incumbent, ¬†she has a built-in network of support, and in a normal election, wouldn’t be vulnerable. But she has been targeted by the FTA. There are three other candidates in the Area 6 race, but the contest seems to be coming down to a Ryan/Whitman race for the Hoover area seat.

The FTA is also backing¬†Andrew Doris, who is challenging incumbent Carol Mills in the Area 5 race. Ryan and Mills are supporters of Superintendent Michael Hanson, and the teachers union wants Hanson fired. Of course, the FTA has opposed every superintendent the district has had over the past two decades. It’s an organizing tactic for the union.

The third seat up on Nov. 6 is held by Larry Moore, who is stepping down. Moore is the former president of the FTA. There are four candidates seeking to succeed Moore in Area 2, but Hanson’s status is less of an issue in that race. But the FTA is backing Esmeralda Diaz in Area 2.


Brian Murray says:

Sounds like Ryan and Mills are the ones to support if you’re tired of the “Union Way”.

jose says:

Jim, when are you going to stop giving the Arax family full access to the Bee’s platform? If you count the amount of front page advertising the Bee has given mark and the space your editorial page has given michelle it would be clear that the Bee, FTA and racist Arax’s are all working together to limit the influence of the majority of our Fresno stakeholders…our minority community… shame on you for that…bullard should just accept that they need to accept how to operate in a world in which they have minority influence…which then requires them to work, colloborate, negoiate with the majority community which doesnt look like them….that is what we as hispanics have doen for generations.

Kim Tanksley says:

Unions were meant to fight for employees when they are mistreated. I think is is terrible unions have gotten into the practice of influencing the elections.

Kim Tanksley says:

Jose… just stop it. The race card is so over played that it falls on deaf ears anymore. You live in a country that protects minorities with laws to requiring equal treatment. In California Hispanics have so many social programs that they have unfair advantage over other minorities even. You need to embrace the country you are in and be an American not a Hispanic. You have as much right to lobby for the elections as anyone else. Stop this habit of saying because someone doesnt agree with you they are racist. Many hispanics like you complain of nepotism and racial favoritism only to do the same thing yourselves when in a position of power. I cant fix what happened in the past with racism.. so lets move on and live in the here and now. I’d just like to live in a country where I dont have to press one for English.. I’d like to speak the national language with my fellow countrymen regardless of their genetic background, color of their skin or private cultural traditions. The time for devisiveness has passed stop playing the race card.

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