Fresno Teachers Association’s dysfunctional elections

The Fresno Teachers Association is still trying to figure out who is the union’s duly elected president. It seems that elections are a bit complicated for the FTA to sort out when the leadership doesn’t support the results. Now the group’s parent organization, the California Teachers Association, has been called in to count the ballots in the latest election.

This debacle has been going on for months — after Mai Summer Vue, a teacher at Muir Elementary School, won a runoff election. But then things got political. Eva Ruiz, a teacher at Sunset Elementary, challenged the runoff election, claiming that Vue defamed her on campaign fliers. The FTA leadership tossed the results, and held another election. Ruiz won that election in July.

Those results were challenged and the CTA looked into the issue. The state organization then called for another election on Oct. 9, the fourth since April. CTA officials, not local FTA officials, conducted that election to ensure that all sides would accept the results. The CTA is scheduled to count the ballots today.


Stan says:

What a system. It seems I’ve heard of something similar somewhere when things go a bit awry. Something called “checks and balances”. Now I wonder where that phrase came from ?

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