Have you already voted?

With the election still a few days off, many voters have already cast their ballots by mail. Are you one of them? Election officials tell us that most voters cast ballots by mail, and don’t go into a polling booth on Election Day.

I didn’t convert to voting by mail until recent years. It’s much more convenient. There are times when I miss not going to the polls and getting my “I Voted” sticker. But now I have opted for the easier voting method of filling out my ballot at home and dropping it in the mail.

With so many people voting by mail, the count on election night is slowed substantially. The mail ballots sent early can be processed early by elections officials. But those turned in on Election Day slow the count because each one has to be verified. It is a time-consuming process. The signatures on the envelopes of the mail ballots must be matched with the signature of the voters on their registration affidavits.

In close races, the slow count caused by mail ballots can delay declaring a winner for days.


T C Morgan says:

Some states (Ohio for example) are reporting that absentee ballots and provisional ballots may not be counted until many days after the election. It will probably be about the same in California. In a close presidential race we may not know the winner for a week or two. I seem to remember a time when using paper ballots and marking our black ink “X” went a lot faster. We almost always knew the hand-counted winner by the next morning. Now with all our sophistication and modern technology we are stymied for days. Ain’t progress wonderful!

jrw says:

I finally got my ballot into the mail today, but it was a struggle. I always rely on the Bee and the SF Chronicle for recommendations on the ballot positions since they study them thoroughly. I called the Chronicle recommendations last week, but the Bee held off until today to make their recommendations known. Why the delay? The earlier we can get the information, the earlier we can vote.

Dave says:

Very profound!

b2burns says:

As the fourth estate, will the Fresno Bee monitor polling places? Will the Bee note the union vans shuttling “voters” to cast provisional ballots? Who will tabulate our ballots – “union volunteers” again?

Kim Tanksley says:

I still like the atmosphere at the polls and getting my “I Voted” sticker. I did have a problem last year though. They gave me a sticker written in spanish.. I went back in and asked them if they had one in norwegian, or german or irish or french or native american or hmong or chinese or japanese… they didn’t have any of those. I asked what kind of stickers those people get and they said in english. So why do they have them in spanish then? No answer… hmmmm

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