California Democrats increase their advantage over Republicans

In the latest voter registration numbers, Democratic registration dropped slightly from the last presidential election, but not as much as Republicans. Democrats now make up 43.7% of the state’s 18.2 million registered voters, while Republicans dropped under 30% of the electorate for the first time. The Secretary of State’s Office reports that the GOP share of California voters is¬†29.3%.

Voters who have no party preference increased slightly over the last presidential election and now account for 20.9% of the  California electorate.

In Fresno County, Democrats have a slight edge over Republicans, according to the latest statistics. Democrats have 41.1% of the Fresno County electorate, while 38.6% of the voters are Republicans. But the county tends to vote Republican at the top of the ticket because GOP voters generally have a higher turnout of its members in the county. That often negates the Democrats’ numerical advantage.

In addition, other Central San Joaquin Valley counties — Madera, Kings and Tulare, for example — maintain a solid Republican advantage in voter registration.

You can view voter registration for all California counties by clicking on this link from the Secretary of State’s Office.


Kim Tanksley says:

To me this is indicative of the fact that the voters are getting really tired of the two party polarization in this country. To change parties or withdraw takes effort to do so. If it wasnt important people wouldnt go to the effort. Voters just want politicians to start working together and solve some problems and cut the party posturing. Politicians who have the balls to compromise for the good of the state or country are more highly regarded than those that dig in and refuse to negotiate using the excuse they are being loyal to the party.

Brian Murray says:

Kim…I respectfully disagree…there is and will be no compromising by the democrats…I agree with Rush that no decision is final until it is resolved to the democrats’ liking and now with the super majority assured republicans are irrelevant and no compromise need be sought on the state level…as far as the nation…back in October I felt we may not make it through four more months and now we’re going to have figure out four more years…sure they’ll be compromise…if it suits the democrats…and tell me who is this large mass that wants these guys to get along in congress?…I think we are experiencing(at this time and so far) a non-violent type of civil divide.

Kim Tanksley says:

Your stance is just an example of what you are harping against. There is a civil divide and it is huge. Party line fighting hasnt done a thing to improve it. The huge mass that I spoke of are the hard working middle class; without whom this country would no longer exist. The ones whose backs are breaking under the load of it all. Myself included. Isnt it time the bickering stop and we get to work to rebuild this country? That’s what all of us want. Is that a big enough mass for you?

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