Beware of last-minute election charges

There are seldom any last-minute campaign revelations that have substance, and my general advice to voters is to ignore such tactics. If the issues being raised at the 11th hour are actually important to the debate, they should have been raised earlier in the campaign when they could be checked out, and the candidate on the receiving end would have had adequate time to respond.

Most likely an opponent has held onto the information for weeks or even months, and then leaked it just days before the election for maximum effect. Be very wary of charges coming in the final hours of a political campaign.

The Fresno Bee’s Monday editorial  raises this issue as voters prepare for Tuesday’s election:

“When the allegations come at the end of a campaign, it’s likely voters aren’t hearing the full story. It also doesn’t give the candidates under attack a reasonable time to respond.

“Right now, we’re in a period of mass distortions and misleading advertisements. Tuesday’s election can’t come soon enough.

“San Joaquin Valley voters have important decisions to make in this election. Those who regularly follow the performance of their elected representatives have an advantage because they can easily spot — and dismiss — the deceptive claims being thrown out by opponents.

“For everyone else, let the voter beware. At this point for too many campaigns, the goal is winning, not truthfulness.”

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