Fresno Unified board continues the infighting

Even the day after the election, nothing seems to have changed at Fresno Unified School District trustee meetings. The trustees battled Wednesday night over selecting a McLane area trustee to replace Tony Vang, who was forced to resign after it was revealed he did not live in the district.

The board eventually named Christopher De La Cerda to the seat. He will be sworn in on Nov. 14, and serve until 2014. He is a former teacher and the father of three. As The Bee’s Barbara Anderson reported, the trustees fought over whether to make an appointment or call a special election, which would have cost about $125,000.

The issue broke along the typical political lines for the board. Trustees Larry Moore and Michelle Asadoorian wanted a special election, while the board majority favored the appointment. “In the end, Moore nominated De La Cerda and voted for him. Asadoorian was the lone dissenting vote,” Anderson reported in her story.

The meeting came a day after the election in which trustees supporting Superintendent Michael Hanson were re-elected. That election was considered a referendum on Hanson’s tenure as the district’s top administrator.

After the meeting, De La Cerda said his goal is to communicate and collaborate with the other board members. Good luck in that atmosphere.


Mike D. says:

That election was considered a referendum on Hanson’s tenure as the district’s top administrator.

Considered by who? Do they have names? Janet Ryan was reelected with less than 1/3 of the total vote, last I saw. That was a referendum? More like divide and conquer.

mark arax says:

Your little blog leaves me dumbstruck. The implication is that you’re unhappy with a school board that isn’t unanimous on all things, a board that doesn’t walk in a 7-0 lockstep with Hanson. What the hell is going on with you Boren? Most people who care about the democratic process would see debate and disagreement among elected officials on an important issue as a good thing–a thing to be applauded. You, on the other hand, are troubled by it. This ain’t a banana republic we live in, or is it? The issue at hand is a simple one: should the people of the McLane area take to the ballot and vote in their own elected representative to the school board? Or should Michael Hanson and his rubber stamp board majority choose the representative for them. In a banana republic, it’s the latter. In a place that actually cares about democracy, you let the people decide. Sorry pal, but you’re on the wrong side.

Brian & June Murray says:

An anomaly in a state and country controlled by greedy, selfish unions… it’s just the babies crying over one they lost…they’ll figure out someway to get what they want and then they’ll quit their tantrum…just like a baby.

John H says:

Mark News flash. a rubber stamp board is not a bad thing for school district. As evidence look a Clovis, Sanger, FCOE and all the acheivemnt data at FUSD to name a few. it if proof that the executive leadership does the appropriate work of ensuring items are addressed appropriately before asking for a public endorsement. Of course, this doesnt apply for your sister as she votes against everything that is not related to Bullard. Your arugument that making an appointment for Vang’s seat is not democratic is Hot air. if you cared about this so much you would have challenged the appointment of Robinson to the FCOE Area 2 (your neighborhood). However you and michelle were silent… Just accept that you, michelle or FTA can not longer influence every decision at FUSD. Some advize to you… stop being so angry at everyone…your list of people you hate seems to be growoing; Hanson, Board, FUSD, now Jim Boren…it’s seems there are some unrelated reasons for this anger…instead of being angy and hating everyone focus on solutions that helps bullard vs. attacking everyone tyring to help…that is a very lonely place.

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