Everyone will pay more taxes under Prop. 30

The conservative spin about Proposition 30 passing in California is that the “takers” voted for it because they won’t have to pay the increased taxes. Wrong.

The measure raises the state sales tax by a quarter-cent for four years. Everyone pays sales taxes if you live in California, as well as visitors coming into the state. A sales tax is a regressive tax, and hits lower-income earners harder than high-income earners. So the so-called “takers” voted for a tax that they will pay.

Prop. 30 also raises income taxes on those making $250,000 or more for seven years. The poor won’t pay that part of the tax increase because if they made $250,000, they wouldn’t be poor.

But the idea that because you’re poor, your motives for voting aren’t as pure as someone who is wealthy does not meet the ideals of our democracy. We vote for people and measures for a variety of reasons — some because of self-interest and some because of our political philosophies. Those who vote against taxes likely do it because they don’t want to pay more taxes. That’s voting in their self interest. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we should also acknowledge the reason for their votes.



Brian Murray says:

Sure Jim…whatever you say…LOL…which now stands for “Land of Leeches” which you have successfully promoted.I would be offended by you saying I voted in self interest by not wanting even more taxes for a corrupt government but feel an aging editor in a dying industry has to kiss butt to his boss and base because of his own self interest…preservation.

Brian Murray says:

Jimbo…Just paid my property tax and vehicle registration which makes your myopic comments even more of an insult that we’re not paying enough for the lousy govt. you guys support…now I’m just one more productive Californian planning my escape to leave all the self serving leeches and enablers to devour themselves.

Brian Murray says:

The stinking unions have killed Hostess…that means no more twinkies,zingers and ho-hos…maybe that’ll wake up America!

Brian Murray says:

I don’t know if the Bee is just “Out of Touch” or if it’s more of their purposeful misleading efforts when they put forth the ridiculous notion that the super majority Democrats better not over reach with their new total power or the electorate will slap them down at the next election…with the media, unions and all the whiney special interests that inhabit this state on their side and running interference for them…the super majority is here to stay…and what’s to stop them…a limp wristed editorial?…c’mon man, there’s no more reason to lie and mislead…you won…embrace your victory!

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