Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today we thought it would be fitting to publish President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation in our editorial space. Lincoln issued this proclamation two years into the Civil War, and at a time of great personal challenges for him. While some of the state celebrated a day of Thanksgiving, Lincoln’s proclamation made it a national holiday of “Thanksgiving and Praise.”

You can read Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation by clicking here.


Brian Murray says:

Just another old, white, Republican guy…no longer relevant as we’re being told by the mainstream media…obviously, Jimbo didn’t get the memo.

Kim Tanksley says:

Thanks Jim; I was not aware of this proclaimation. It makes the day seem even more solemn. Our public grade school only taught about Pilgrims and Indians and this has expanded that narrow view for me. Thanks again.

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