A very painful day

We grieve today for the families directly touched by the school shooting in Connecticut. I can’t imagine what it was like for the families in Newtown when they woke up this morning — if they even slept at all. Their world has changed forever. In the coming days, the political debate over guns and violence in our society will rage anew. For now, though, let’s ¬†offer our prayers, and take some time to grieve.

Our editorial on the tragedy suggests that course. Click here to read the editorial.



Marj says:

I understand and respect the 2nd Amendment. However, I can see no logical reason for private citizens to own assault, automatic, or semi-automatic weapons. They are weapons of war designed to kill people. They have NO other function.

Jim R says:

The purpose of fire arms for the general populace is protection. They are also legally used for hunting, sport, and as collectibles, but their purpose is proptection. That is just as true now as it was in 1776. Use of weapons for assault by the general populice would be illegal. Its hard to deny that weapons that have characteristics suitable for assault would be good for defense or protection, so where do you draw a line? Assault is simply a word.
I consider the fault at Newtown was the failure to provide protection for the kids against known a technology. How do you do fix that? We have figured out how to protect thousands of airline flights each day. Protection for stationary schools should be pretty easy.
Assault weapons exist. Passing a law will not eliminate them. We can not eliminate people who might use them. We must protect against them. Fortunately, the protections against assault weapons and simple derringer type pistol at a school would be about the same.

Brian Murray says:

Marj…I guess the same could be said about abortion facilitators…1.5 million children a year die by their hand…but let’s not go there, right?

Kim Tanksley says:

It is naive to think that banning assault weapons will stop school shootings. Do we also ban fertilizer because people use it to make bombs? No… the issue is and always will be bad or crazy people doing bad things. Limiting access to their targets is what we should focusing on instead of wasting all our time on banning guns. Find the root causes of these kinds of incidents and work to correct or mitigate those issues. Why are we so ignorant in this?

Brian Murray says:

Kim…I should really like to think there is something wrong with me-Because, if there isn’t, then there’s something wrong…with the world itself-and that’s much more frightening!( The character Celia from T.S. Eliot’s play “The Cocktail Party).

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