Gun legislation being proposed in wake of school shooting tragedy

Sen. Diane Feinstein says she will propose an assault weapons ban when Congress goes back in session. Her legislation is in response to Friday’s school shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Feinstein authored the last federal assault weapons ban, which has expired.

“This is really the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” Feinstein said in an interview with McClatchy Newspapers. “I’m beside myself over this.”

Here is more from the McClatchy story:

“She says it will ban the sale of more than 100 specified assault weapons, including the Bushmaster assault rifle used in Friday’s massacre, as well as ammo clips and drums containing more than 10 bullets. Similar to the 1994 law, she says the new proposal will exempt more than 900 specified firearms. Unlike the 1994 bill, though, the new version won’t be limited to 10 years.”




Brian Murray says:

How convenient for their agenda…the Democrats as a group don’t care about children or anyone else, just power.

b2burns says:

The federal law will probably mirror the stricter gun law already in effect in Connecticut. Perhaps instead Congress and the Fresno Bee might ask why the Swiss, who obtain military training and keep their semi-automatic weapons in their homes, aren’t committing such tragic acts. Or why, now that research correlates child behaviors with videos and film, we don’t use our moral outrage to influence Hollywood. Does anyone else sense pandering politicans and a non-curious media at work here?

Brian Murray says:

b2…I do!… and non-curious by choice I might add…you just have to look( if you can stomach it) at the knee jerk drivel oozing out of the Bee on a daily basis regarding this and all things Democrat.

Kim Tanksley says:

So gun laws are going to prevent shooting sprees? Exactly how are we going to get the criminals and criminally insane to follow these gun laws? Criminals prefer unarmed victims and dictators prefer unarmed citizens. The answer is NO.. absolutely not. It is time to draw the line people. Knee jerk sentimentalism is worthless. Gun laws will only create more law breakers because I for one am not giving up mine.

Brian Murray says:

One thing these evil people have in common is they all choose “Soft Targets”…We haven’t seen them take on a Swat Team or the likes…just innocent, defenseless “Unarmed People”.

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