Our politicians’ self-inflicted damage

The inability for our elected leaders to reach a compromise on taxes will force something that no one wants: ¬†across-the-board tax increases. But that won’t be the worst part of this political suicide mssion. Going over the fiscal cliff will kill the economic recovery, throwing more people out of work, and pushing many businesses into bankruptcy. It could be 2008 all over again.

The Associated Press reported that if a deal isn’t struck by midnight Monday, tax rates will change and hit nearly all Americans with tax increases totaling $536 billion. In addition, the military and other federal agencies would have to cut $110 billion in spending.

Meanwhile, the two sides act as if there isn’t a deadline — fingerpointing and name-calling, instead of negotiating.

Investors don’t like what they are seeing, with the stock market retreating for the fourth straight day on the news coming out of Washington, D.C.

It’s time to get a deal, and that means compromising. Unfortunately, too many senators and House members refuse to find common ground, somehow believing that compromise is a weakness. And that stubbornness has brought us to this point. Americans deserve better.




Brian Murray says:

If only the Bee could be intellectually honest about such things…instead they continue to give this president and the democrats cover. We were told the reason we are in this mess was because of the Bush tax cuts and now if we don’t extend them we’ll go under…which is it, or are you counting on memory challenged, low information voters to continue their trancelike acceptance of the BS that’s rolled out everyday?…a rhetorical question indeed!…at least the perps(media,unions,democrats and their supporters) will be going over the cliff too…at this point I say “PUT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL”!

b2burns says:

Brian Murray nailed it. Sen. Harry Reid today criticized Boehner whose GOP House members have produced more than 100 bills now languishing int he Senate, including the first annual budget in four years. Alas, Obama and Reid are pursuing a social justice agenda intended to tax the “rich” to fund the government for another 7-8 days rather than reduce spending to resolve our national indebtedness and assure solvency. This is nothing more than a political charade to increase taxes, avoid spending cuts, and thus keep the Democratic coalition happy and the public confused. So much for the fourth estate!

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