Happy New Year!

We hope that 2013 will be a good year for everyone. On this first day of the year, The Bee’s editorial page is urging that our local officials work together to solve common problems. Too often, the city of Fresno and Fresno County officials work against each other, ignoring that they mostly represent the same constituents.

Today’s editorial concludes this way:

“In a region with as much poverty as Fresno County, political infighting isn’t a surprise. When opportunities are scarce, people and government typically battle tooth and nail over scraps. But for Fresno — city and county — to realize its potential, our leaders must join together and bring their combined might to the table.

“Lines on the map that distinguish Fresno from Fowler or even Fresno from the county island of Fig Garden are meaningless in the big picture. We’ll only thrive when those leading us make good on the statement that we’re all in this together.”



Brian Murray says:

Sounds like working together means “Republicans” are to roll over and play dead.Conservatives are the only politicians the Bee seems to be interested in holding accountable…and with the election and now the choreographed tragic comedy called the “Fiscal Cliff”, the state and the nation have now officially doubled down on stupid…Happy New Year ?

b2burns says:

And I urge the Fresno Bee to stop siding with Democrats and trying to emasculate the national GOP like it has the California GOP. We have a spending problem and the Bee keeps compromising and pick petty sides rather than urging that we grow the economy and resolve our indebtedness. Get a bigger view!!!!!!

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