Silly season begins anew in Sacramento

Some government-watchers say that California is ungovernable because of its tremendous diversity.

But the fact is,  California voters have entrusted the Democratic Party to turn the state around. Democrats occupy all statewide offices, including the governor’s chair, and have a supermajority in the Assembly and Senate.

So, the state is governable from the standpoint of getting things done.

On the heels of the November election, however, there already are troubling signs that some Democrats have no idea of what’s best for California.

First was the “Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act” introduced by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano of San Francisco. If the bill is signed into law as written, local authorities would surrender control of sidewalks, parks, beaches, bus stops — you name it.

Second was today’s introduction of legislation by Assembly Member Roger Hernández of West Covina that would give state employees another paid holiday. They now have 11 plus two “floating” days off with pay annually.

Hernández proposes designating the second Monday in October at Native American Day. You might recall the second Monday in October is Columbus Day, a holiday the state took off the calendar, along with Lincoln’s Birthday, in 2009.

This is a bad idea at the wrong time. State workers don’t need another paid holiday.

Hernandez and Ammiano are tone deaf and blind to the needs of Californians struggling with a slow recovery and efforts to get state government finances back on track.

They should focus on developing the state’s economy, balancing the state budget, rebuilding infrastructure and restoring the state as an educational leader.

The voters get it. They’re approved reforms such as citizens redistricting, the Top 2 primary system and term-limits modifications. They’ve voted higher taxes on themselves to ease the government budget crunch and save schools.

But clearly Hernandez and Ammiano don’t get it.

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b2burns says:

What? The Democratic Party has no clue about what should be done? Is this a surprise to Bee writers? Nations, organizations, and businesses function best when ideas compete in the market place. But that’s all changed now, thanks to the Democrats and their media allies. At least we now know who should all be held responsible!

Brian Murray says:

Silly season?…seasons signify change…this is permanent while being promoted and welcomed by our disingenuous editor and his Boss…no surprise on any level.


BILL MC. Bee writes headlines about Yosemite and changes to the park, Why hasn’t anyting been said or written about the concessioare DELEWARE NORTH CORP. building a large employees? apartment complex next to the the Ice Skating rink In Yosemite valley, the area of all legal actions.

dturbo6go says:

Editors of the Bee.

This adage remains very true:
Power corrupts
Absolute Power corrupts absolutely

Brian Murray says:

If the Bee needs someone to take over this spot and gin up some interest…I can help…one week with no topic ?… maybe the new guy’s not up to it.

Brian Murray says:

Hey, if you’re looking for everybody….we’re all over at Letters to the Editor having a raucous good time.

Kim Tanksley says:

It has gotten so ridiculous that I cant even laugh anymore… the “Homeless Act” prevents employers from discriminating against homeless on:
Condition of being homeless;
Lack of a permanent mailing address; or
Current income level.

Seriously, wtf for? The career homeless, the ones actually causing all the trouble aren’t looking for jobs. The truly homeless take advantage of the resources already out there that make these things not an issue because they don’t want to be homeless anymore, they take the “hand up” not the hand out and eventually make it. But wait, there’s more… lol

The proposed law permits “aggrieved” individuals to file a civil lawsuit and allows a court to award statutory damages of $1,000 per violation, actual damages, compensatory damages, general damages, special damages, exemplary damages, appropriate injunctive and declaratory relief, punitive damages, and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

What we have here folks is another money raising extortion racket for the career homeless.

but it gets better… I sh*t you not… they will have a right to sleep anywhere, store their “stuff” anywhere that is public property… like the sidewalk outside your home or the doorway to your business… because unless you are a career homeless person with an axe to grind you don’t have rights…

Do I care? Hello no.. I’m about to become homeless under the burden of the taxes and rising costs to pay for all the special programs the “underpriveledged” get… programs that I have no rights to even though my family is now at the poverty level… because I am a white, educated, middle class American that has worked and paid my way my entire life. Once this happens and I become homeless, I will finally get some rights… I thought about starting a new career and career homeless gets me the most…. ain’t California great!

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