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Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, believes that first-year Assembly Members are committed to moving California forward — even if it requires crossing party lines.


Assembly Member Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, has a new spin on the adage that in the West, whiskey is for sipping and water is for fighting. Speaking at the Fresno Chamber of Commerce’s “Eggs and Issues” breakfast Friday morning, Patterson said that “water is like trying to broker peace in the Middle East.”

The freshman Assembly member and former Fresno mayor stayed true to his conservative, free-enterprise roots during his talk, but also offered hope that he and other members — Democrats and Republicans — of the body’s large first-year class could forge alliances born of “dispassionate, fact-based analysis” of what California must do to quicken and expand its economic recovery.

Because of voter-approved term-limits modifications,  many of the freshmen in the Assembly are likely to end up serving 12 years. Such familiarity could breed either partisan contempt or friendships that cross party lines.

For California’s sake, let’s hope that Patterson’s enthusiasm for bipartisanship is felt throughout the Assembly and Senate. Clearly, Republicans will have to be strategic about which bills they support. As Patterson said, ‘The Democrats own the joint.”

Lawmakers, lobbyists and developers are trying to come up with Redevelopment 2.0 to replace the model disbanded by Gov. Jerry Brown. But the conservative website CalWatchdog says the new version contains the same flaw as the original: focusing on blight instead of unemployment.

The Los Angeles Times offers this report on salmon restoration in the San Joaquin River. According to reporter Bettina Boxall, “104 fall-run chinook (were) trapped over a period of weeks late last year and hauled in tank trucks down California 99 — around dry riverbed not yet restored — for release in the upper river at Camp Pashayan on the outskirts of Fresno.”

Our Letter of the Day is from Berl Jay Hubbell of Fresno, who says that Gov. Brown’s proposed Delta tunnel project is a scam.



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