Obama, Romney ignoring immigration problems

Throughout President Obama’s tenure, he’s has done little to reform the nation’s broken immigration system. Now in the presidential campaign, both Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney dance around the controversial issue, making it questionable whether the next president would take on this issue.

In our editorial today, we point out how the candidates have been ignoring an issue that impacts almost every part of American life — from our food production system to our schools and hospitals.

Here is an excerpt from the editorial:

“This issue is especially important in California, traditionally a magnet for immigration — from San Joaquin Valley farm workers to forest workers to food processors to housekeepers to high-tech engineers to innovative researchers. Our culture and our economy have been forged by immigration — and are inevitably strained by our current broken system.

“But our presidential candidates, instead of wholeheartedly embracing the challenge, raise immigration as a sort of no-win obligatory issue to appease certain groups of voters. That timidity won’t solve the problem, no matter who is elected on Nov. 6.

“As a candidate in the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama made a promise to tackle immigration: “I cannot guarantee that it is going to be in the first 100 days. But what I can guarantee is that we will have in the first year an immigration bill that I strongly support and that I’m promoting. And I want to move that forward as quickly as possible.’
That pledge remains unfulfilled. In September, Obama admitted this has been his ‘biggest failure.’ But he remains confident that we are going to accomplish that.’

“For his part, in last Tuesday’s debate, Mitt Romney promised the same thing: ‘I’ll get it done. I’ll get it done, first year.’ We are skeptical, but would support a comprehensive plan that improves the system.

“Presidential leadership is needed more than ever to bridge real divides in American society over immigration.”



Brian Murray says:

I don’t get why we have to do anything for Latinos…We’re letting lawbreakers and their prodigy tell us how it’s going to be…get real,we don’t have to let them dictate to us based on the threat of their vote…what are they going to do…go back to their “Land of Oppression”?…no way, despite their mean spirited attacks on our country and it’s legal citizens…they like it here!…they should be asking(not telling) us what they can do to stay and work here.

Randall W. Leach says:

People from all over the world have chosen to come to the United States of America since the early days of our nation. Mr. Murray says he doesn’t get why we have to do anything for Latinos. It’s interesting that he singles out one particular group to call mean spirited. Really Mr. Murray? Listen to what you are saying, calling them lawbreakers. I wonder where you would have stood on the issue had you lived in an earlier time and different state, Mr. Murray. Weren’t the Irish once targets of unthinking bigotry, blamed for all of the problems facing our nation? News Mr. Murray, we are in this together, and one of those Latino prodigy will one day be your president or the doctor that delivers your grandchildren. Lighten up, back off and think about whether what you are being led to believe about all those lawbreakers is actually the truth. I expect we are all in the same boat and we will likely reach shore in better shape if we learn to row together.

David D says:

No new immigration bill is needed or wanted by the vast majority of Americans. We gave Amnesty to an estimated 3 million illegals in 1985 with the explicit understanding that amnesty would never again be offered. I do not feel sorry for anyone who has entered this county illegally. Doing so is criminal tresspass in my book. The children born to illegals should have the citizenship of the offending mother and this, and only this Constitutional Amendment, should be enacted by the next Congress. Elsewhere I read today that an illegal immigrant who violated her deportation in 1995 and reentered the country has not only stolen the identity of a woman who lives in Houston, she — the illegal — has filed civil suit against the citizen for harrassment because the citizen has taken appropriate action to compel the government to act against the illegal who has run up credit card debt, acquired a mortgage, and made life generally miserable for the citizen. This must stop. We the people of the United States have a right to protect our country against invaders. If a foreigner doesn’t have a visa to come here or they overstay your visa or they work while on a tourist visa we the people demand that they be deported. As far as I am concerned the only people who have a right to “due process of law” are citizens and invited guests.

b2burns says:

Perhaps the Fresno Bee should focus more upon Obama’s attack on capitalism and the private sector than the immigration issue. We all know that neither party will address the latter until the electoral results are clear.

Luis says:

Immigration is the foundation of our great country, who said it is only for LATINOS!

Cora says:

Although Mr. Murray seems so outright racial, the answer to his question is “You don’t have to do anything for anyone, whether they are Latinos or not”. You just seem to be yelling and not giving any thought to what you are saying. First,if they are here illegally, they do not vote. There is no threat nor are they dictating what must be done.
Second,the lawbreakers are not the farm laborers.The lawbreakers are the employers hiring for nothing, to do jobs no one else likes to do,but none the less needs the job done. This is not necessarily a Ranch owner but just a general contractor that does not administer good paperwork policy, does not send taxes to
the State of California,or the like.If we would set up a
good policy, then this state and this country would be better off. Taxes would have to be paid, insurances would have to be bought! Remember this fact_these illegal Mexicans that you keep complaining about, they are still here in large numbers. They aren’t going away. Just like the Canadians that are here illegally, just like the Chinese that are here illegally; and any other race that has been and will continue to be here illegally until the United States wakes up and addresses the problem. We lose hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly because this policy has not been addressed properly.And to spend thousands of dollars to build a fence to keep somebody out is absolutely absurd!! And bottom line, its not the people that make things wrong, it the policy and the politics that make things bad. And until we acknowledge that the current policy doesn’t work, that it doesn’t benefit neither the country or the illegal, it will never be changed because there isn’t a politician who gives a rats ass about anything other than themselves at this point in time.

Brian Murray says:

Cora…another anonymous, gutless wonder who likes to call people names…I’m assuming a Democrat…BTW, I’m not talking about illegals, I’m talking about the latinos here, most of which are products of the ’86 Amnesty who did nothing to deserve residency other than get a free pass who then disparage the country they escaped to while doing nothing for those still trapped in Mexico…hypocritical self-serving Democrats being used by this administration who had an opportunity and did nothing but pander…that is unless you’re content with a meaningless monument dedicated to a questionable character…one difference between you and me…I say what I think and have the character to hold myself accountable…you should try it.

Dave says:

Love the line “we are all immigrants.” I’m not—was born here. In decades past immigrants were proud to come here from all over to become US citizens. Those who have come here in the past decades only care about money or being gang drug dealers and users. Yes we are all pleased to be infested with mexican gang members and a government like in most things does nothing about it. Eventually vigilante-ism will return and it depends how quickly and on which side it starts as to who will be victorious. If citizens initiate we have a good chance to rid ourselves of these sub-humans for eternity.

Kim Tanksley says:

Brian.. you make a mistake that many do that i think hampers the issue. They link immigration reform to hispanics. The immigration problem is not just restricted to one nationality. California, Arizona and other southern border states share a unique situation but it is not the whole of the immigration problem just one facet of it. The problem is that people narrow it down to just a hispanic issue and that is why no one is willing to touch the problem.. They dont want to be called racist which is what is being done to back them off. No… the immigration problem has many facets and we have to start looking at it from a legal, economic and in terms of legal citizen rights or nothing is ever going to be done about it… no one has the balls to fight what opponents like to make a racial issue.. they do it for that very reason.

Brian Murray says:

Well…call me a “Racist” then…I really don’t care…I know the game and the players.

easynan says:

Romney’s flip-flopping and pathological lying are not funny but a much more serious symptom of definite mental instabilities. Romney is being kept at a distance from all media now including FOX by his handlers, reminiscent of Ronald Reagan running for his last term when they hid his beginning dementia from the voters.
Even Ann Romney said on national TV that she was worried about Mitt’s mental state, can’t get much clearer than that.

easynan says:

You have said nothing of the Dream Act bill that along with over 500 job bills are being filibustered by that bunch of clowns called the GOP Congress.
This is California and we need our Latinos, they make up a large hard working segment of our state. Many also seem to forget who was here first same as we forget we slaughtered the American Indian to take what was rightfully theirs too.
Some felt President Obama should have skipped the Obamacare and spent more time on other things, except maybe those of us that are enjoying benefits of Obamacare. Especially seniors that no longer have to put out $3000 for Bush’s donuthole that Obamacare covered, those with pre-existing conditions that now have coverage.

Brian Murray says:

easynan…more anonymous delusional desperation brought on by a failed presidency and a floundering campaign… here’s hoping you get well soon.

Kim Tanksley says:

Seriously? You said “We need our Latinos..” what are they to you servants? No we need hard working people of any racial background. The montra that they fill jobs that no one else will fill is propaganda and getting old. As for the Native Americans, yes that happened. Look at world history it has happened over and over again, mercilessly in all countries regardless of nationality or racial background. Humans do that to humans. It is not uniquely American. What is unique is that America has set up special programs, given additional rights to Native Americans that no other citizen has. It would sure help our economic woes if Americans would just be Americans.

Ray says:

Immigration started this country now it is about to divide it. Wake up people, it is not going away, we might as well deal with it. We can’t shut the border down. We can’t send ALL illegals back? We might as well offer illegals temporary approval to collect valuable taxes and cover health care.

Kim Tanksley says:

Nobody wants to shut the border down. All American citizens want is a country with one national language. A country where tax money is used for the citizens who paid them. An immigration program that creates fair access to all immigrants and regulates immigration so we are not taking the criminal cast offs from other countries. Border states want to live in safe communities not drug cartel battle grounds. These are the things that immigration reform asks for. Things that every other country enforces but the United States claims is politically incorrect for fear of being called racist. Seriously folks immigration reform has to do with the economic health of our country and nothing to do with race; we are all from somewhere else.

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