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A race official assists Bill Iffrig, 78, of Lake Stevens, Wash., as Iffrig lies on the ground after the first explosion.

Charles Pierce of the Grantland website provides a Bostonian’s view of the Boston Marathon bombings. Fantastic narrative journalism.

I’ve been posting to Twitter many of the big financial contributions to the state Senate campaigns of Democrat Leticia Perez and Republican Andy Vidak. If you want to follow the money, go to Twitter and follow @electiontrack

Associated Press is reporting that the two bombs that ripped through the crowds at the Boston Marathon were made out of pressure cookers and packed with shards of metal, nails and ball bearings.

Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday that his administration will prepare to release as many as 10,000 state prisoners if the state is unable to get out from under a court order demanding it reduce California’s prison population.  capitolalert

Our Letter of the Day is from Ron Wells of Coarsegold. He would like to see drug tests for welfare recipients.


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