The new California Legislature is sworn in

Republicans were a bit scarce in the legislative chambers Monday as the newest California lawmakers were sworn in. Democrats hold super-majorities in both the 40-member state Senate and the 80-member Assembly.

But our local delegation has a Republican tilt, with newcomers Jim Patterson of Fresno and Frank Bigelow of Madera County representing area Assembly seats. They will join the Republican caucus, along with Assembly GOP Leader Connie Conway of Tulare, who is returning for another legislative term. Local Democrats are Assembly Member Henry T. Perea of Fresno and Assembly Member Rudy Salas of Bakersfield.

Patterson, Bigelow and Salas were amongĀ 40 freshmen legislators sworn in on Monday.

The AP reported that Republicans will have “just 11 seats in the 40-member Senate and at least 25 seats in the 80-member Assembly, although a handful of races remain undecided.”