Breakfast Links

New York Times columnist and Paul Krugman is a liberal who loves taking on conservatives and their economic policies. In “Lessons from a Comeback,” he serves up his analysis of California’s economy and political tilt to the left.

The California Teachers Association is now backing a bill the it successfully opposed last year. The legislation would streamline and speed up the process by which school districts can discipline or fire teachers accused of misconduct. Associated Press has the details on Assembly Bill AB375 by Assembly member Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo.

Major League Baseball began the 2013 season last night, and Opening Day continues today. Here’s some baseball trivia with a local twist: Who has been the starting pitcher in the most Opening Day games?

Answer:  Tom Seaver, a Fresno native, made 16 Opening Day starts in his Hall of Fame career — 11 with the New York Mets, three with the Cincinnati Reds and two with the Chicago White Sox. Seaver posted a 7-2 record as an Opening Day starter. Jack Morris, with an 8-6 record in 14 Opening Day starts, has the most wins. (Source: ESPN)

Attention San Francisco Giants fans: Juan Marichal won six Opening Day starts.

Our Letter of the Day is from Radley Reep of Clovis. He says that Fresno County leaders are ignoring their own General Plan/