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Yosemite Falls


On April 11, The Bee ran pro and con commentaries on the Merced River Plan, which is the blueprint for Yosemite Valley. We also provided links to learn about and comment on the plan.

Thus far, the National Park Service has received 25,000 comments on the controversial plan, which calls for a limit of 19,900 visitor on busy days and would remove the popular winter ice rink at Curry Village.

The comment period, which was supposed to end Thursday, has been extended to April 30. The Bee’s Mark Grossi has more.

You can learn more about the Merced River Plan here. You can comment on the plan to the National Park Service here.

The state of California goes after people who owe taxes, but what happens when the state is the deadbeat? CalWatchdog has the story.

Our Letter of the Day is from Rep. Tom McClintock, whose sprawling district includes a swath of the Sierra in the central San Joaquin Valley. He is critical of our March 16 editorial urging Congress to maintain phone service for the poor.