Plastic bag ban proposal is revived in California

Plastic bags are back in the spotlight and the subject surely will spark heated debate among liberals, conservatives, environmentalists and people opposed to nanny-state style government.

Assembly Member Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, is reviving a bill that would ban single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores. You can read more about the bill in this Sacramento Bee story.

Back in 2011, then Assembly Member Julia Brownley proposed a similar bill, but it died in the face of stiff opposition from bag manufacturers and grocers.

And, the year before that, a proposed ban on plastic bags also was shot down.

At that time, I wrote lyrics summing up California’s messy, hands-out politics.  With apologies to George M. Cohan, they are to be sung to the patriotic marching tune “You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

You’re a small old bag,

 You’re a white plastic bag

 And forever on earth you may wave.

 You’re the emblem of

 A state gone nuts,

 The home of officials who cave.

 Ev’ry hand is out

 ’neath the Golden Bear’s snout,

 Where there’s always a secret deal.

 Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

 Stuff the cash in a plastic bag.


You’re a small old bag,

You’re a white plastic bag

And forever the pols you will save.

You’re the emblem of

a market gone pfft!

The home of the taxpayer slave.

Ev’ry crook wants in

‘on the Capitol din,

And there’s never a budget on time.

Should auld fat pensions be forgot,

Stuff the checks in a plastic bag.


 You’re a small old bag,

 You’re a white plastic bag

 And forever the votes they will crave.

 You’re the emblem of

 A dream gone bust.

 The home of the conspiring knave.

 Ev’ry heart beats true,

 More for me, less for you,

 Real voter choices are a drag.

 Should auld rigged districts be forgot,

 Stuff the cash in a plastic bag.


You’re a small old bag,

 You’re a white plastic bag

 And forever the land you will spoil.

 You’re the emblem of

 the job to get,

 A post for Meg or Jerry to toil.

 Monied crowds beat true,

 Leave the folks black and blue,

 Let them sing an old corny rag.

 Should party bosses be forgot,

 Stuff the checks in a plastic bag.